Exterior Roll Shutters

Very common in Germany, these aluminum curtains mounted on the outside of your window or doors provide ventilation, UV protection and top-notch security.

Open for Ventilation

Openings between the slats allow air circulation but still block 95% of the sun rays.

Fully Shut

The vents close for security, best energy performance and a total blocking of any light.

Advantages of Roll Shutters

Three shutters on three adjacent windows are housed in one unit and controlled as one.

Ease of Operation:  Shutters are operated from inside the room – manually with a belt or winch system or motorized with a wall switch or remote control.

Security:  Once closed, the curtain cannot be pushed open from the outside and acts as a strong deterrent for burglars – adding peace of mind for when you must leave your house or cottage unattended for longer periods of time.

Energy Efficiency:  Made from foam insulated aluminum slats, the roll shutters create an insulating cushion of air between the shutter and the glass, which dramatically protects your home from thermal transfer.  In the winter, with an outside temperature of -20 °C, this cushion of air raises the outside glass temperature to approximately 0 °C. In the summer, a closed shutter protects very effectively against solar radiation, thus decreasing the interior temperature and reducing the need for costly air conditioning.

UV Protection:  Your house stays cool and comfortable and furniture and floor coverings are better protected against UV fading.

Noise Reduction:  Noise from outdoors is reduced by up to 18 db.

Wind Protection:  Glass is protected from wind and from breakage by wind-borne debris.


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