As the manufacturer of all our products, we have total control of quality and extensive product flexibility. All manufacturing operations are completed by our experienced Staff under strict quality standards.

Bonnechere Valley Windows Ltd., BVW, is owned and operated by Shane Charania in Eganville, Ontario in the beautiful Bonnechere Valley.

While we build a variety of window and door styles, our specialty is the European Tilt & Turn style of windows and doors.

We manufacture windows and doors for residential and commercial applications using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) extrusions manufactured by the leading Canadian extruder, P.H. Tech.

P.H. Tech designs North American and European style windows and doors and supplies the extrusions required to manufacture our finished products.

Our European style Tilt & Turn windows and doors use Siegenia Hardware imported from Germany.

Our Philosophy

“It is our mission to work with quality, integrity, kindness and respect in all our relationships.”

We see ourselves as a company with a good reputation, a safe and comfortable working environment, and a genuine appreciation of the people contact with our internal team as well as our customers.  In meetings, we are honest and express our truth, and listen carefully to each other.  We share knowledge, and when we don’t understand, we ask for clarification.

We treat each other as people, not employees.  We manage overtime in a way that is considerate of and acceptable to our employees.

We treat our customers well, with prompt, efficient delivery of products and services.  We go out of our way to make our customers happy with superb service, honesty and follow-through on details.

We strive to maintain a steady flow of work for our sub-contractors and pay them on time.

We would like to share with you some of the values we use, each and everyday, as we work together to provide our customers with outstanding products and services.

  • We are nice, friendly people; we enjoy a feeling of family, with lots of kindness and respect for others and ourselves
  • We have fun
  • We are thoughtful people, considerate of one another’s feelings, and always say “thank you”
  • We value different lifestyles and life views
  • We own our mistakes and strive to learn from the lessons involved
  • Because we are so reputable, we earn our referrals
  • We are fair, thorough and exercise integrity in our business agreements